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Units Conversion Gadget

Units conversion, US and metric, for various measurements, in gadget form for your Google homepage or any web page. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop 
Unix Fortunes for iGoogle

Displays a random quote, quip, idiom, joke, etc. You know the drill. Save your favorites. 

Unofficial Tupalo Widget

A Netvibes UWA widget that enables you to search for tags on and view the matching locations on a map. 

Netvibes, GoogleMaps 
US Crime Statistics

A widget that compares states on crime rates for different types of crimes. Data is from 

UWA-Gadget for search at iGoogle or Netvibes

UWA-Gadget for search at iGoogle or Netvibes. 

Twickit, Netvibes 
Vacation Rentals Search Yahoo Widget

Vacation Rentals is a Yahoo Widget that searches vacation rentals worldwide using vertical search engine. It displays price, location, brief description, image and a hyperlink pointing to one of three returned search results. 

YahooWidgets, Vast 
Video Evolved

Generate video playlists of YouTube videos related to your search term and watch the videos back to back. Embed a playlist in your blog. 

Virtual Earth Mac Widget

Mapping, search, and location functions in a handy OS X Tiger Dashboard widget.  

Visitor Map Gadget: iGoogle gadget to track your website or blog

Track recent visitors to your website or blog with this iGoogle gadget which can also be added to any webpage. This gadget uses Google Maps and visitor info is provided by gVisit. A thumbnail grid of Yahoo images are also show for each visitor location. 

YahooMapImage, GoogleMaps, GoogleHomepage 
Vista Slideshow by Imagelooop

Create your own slideshow and let it run on your Vista Sidebar. Expands on undocking from sidebar. Multiple instances can play different slideshows. Keeps settings after Windows restart. 

WindowsDesktopGagdets, ImageLoop 
Washington Post Understand More Widget

Enables Washington Post readers to find recommended content by navigating through the most important people, places, and things mentioned in an article. Go to any article on the WP and notice the Evri API powered widget in the lower left corner. 

Web Builder Daily Quote

A Google Gadget for website builders. Internet and Web terms, facts, history, events, and knowledge plus everyday tips and advice for building a website, blog or e-commerce site. 

Web Kendoku

Play kenken and kendoku puzzles games online. There are also Google gadgets associated with this. 

What's on Twitter

Tiny iGoogle gadget inspired by picfog. It combines 4 APIs. Shows the latest pics that are post on Twitter for a specific keyword. It also shows the current trends on Twitter and their hashtag description from Tagalus. 

Twitter, TwitPic, Tagalus, GoogleHomepage 
Wiki Widgets

Allows embedding of editable widgets in a Wiki and provides a simple framework for writing new widgets. 

Twitter, Google, GoogleMaps, GoogleCalendar 
windfinder - conncted to the wind

The Windfinder iGoogle Gadget is a tiny piece of software, which displays wind, waves and weather from your favorite surfspot as observations and forecast. 

Windows Vista Slideshow Gadget

Create your own slideshow and let it run on your Vista Sidebar. Upload your photos at Imageloop and fetch your permalink. 

WordHunter Xtreme

This word-hunting Google Gadget has been XXtended with the UrbanDictionary and WordNet APIs. Now you can guess slang, proper nouns, and more. Plus, read the definitions of every word you guess correctly. 

UrbanDictionary, GoogleHomepage, AonawareDictionary 
WordPress Plug-in ID Service

The original 330+ identities, displayed in your sidebar. Uses DandyID - a free service that enables you to connect, manage, and share all of your online identities from a single location. 

World of Warcraft Armory Charts

Widget displays character distribution through classes, races, factions and genders for specified character name. Data is live from both EU and US World of Warcraft armory databases. US database, EU database 



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