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FeedBurner Stats Widget

A Google Gadget that displays the number of subscribers to your FeedBurner feed in the past week. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleChart, FeedBurner 

A Google Universal Gadget which displays FeedBurner Awareness API data with sparklines visualizations. 

Sparklines, GoogleHomepage, FeedBurner 

Compare and track the readership of popular blogs, competitors, etc. Ties together three Google services: a Google Gadget that shows FeedBurner traffic statistics using sparklines generated by the Google Chart API. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleChart, FeedBurner 
Festive Calendar

This is a Google Widget that shows festivals and events in the localities of in Kerala and Tamilnadu, India. 

Flickr Slideshow

A slideshow of photos from Flickr. Show your photos or photos matching certain tags. Highly customizable with ability to change many display options. Uses Flickr and Widgetbox APIs. 

Widgetbox, Flickr 
Flickr Widget Wizard

A customizable mashup for others to extend. Each consumer of the wizard can supply a Flickr username and-or a Flickr tag that will be used to create a Flickr widget that streams photographs from Flickr. 


A 3D slideshow and photo gallery widget for your Flickr and Smugmug photos. Also available in Facebook, iGoogle, and WordPress plugins 

GoogleHomepage, Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug 

FoxyMap is a Google Gadget which allows you to monitor the locations of speed traps. Those locations are set via mobile tagging by the users of the mobile application FoxyTag. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleHomepage 
FoxyTunes Planet

Universal personalized music mashup integrating many music resources into one convenient place, then making them available through the FoxyTunes browser extension, which supports more than 30 media players and music services.  

YouTube, YahooImages, YahooAudio, MusicBrainz, LastFM, GoogleAjaxSearch, Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising and Twitter

Send tweets from your address bar without logging in to anything first and nothing to install. 

TwitterCounter, Twitter

Monitor top selling video games by console using Amazon sales data. Add lists to your iGoogle home page. 

GoogleHomepage, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Go-Go Google Gadget

Nice integration of library data like what you have checked-out or are waiting forinto an automatically updating Google Gadget. Initially for Ann Arbor District Library. Talis mashup contest winner. 

Google AdWords Performance Widget

Track all metrics - CPC CTR, Cost of Conversions etc. - of your Google AdWords campaigns. Analyze clicks, impressions, conversions per campaign and drill down to view the metrics for the groups within a campaign. Works for MCC accounts too. 

Google Buzz Widget

Simple widget with latest buzz for your website, data coming directly from Google Buzz.  

Google Desktop Slideshow

Slideshow viewer for your Google Desktop Sidebar. 

Google Finance Historical Data

Simple chart displaying one year of historic stock data. This is a chart based on the default CSV import from Google Finance. You can add start and end date to the URL to get more data. 

Google Lyrics Gadget

Searches lyrics from your iGoogle page. 

GoogleHomepage, Lyricsfly 
Google Map Search Gadget

Google Gadget that lets you run Google Map searches directly from your Google homepage. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleHomepage, GoogleAjaxSearch 
Google Map Travel Generator

An easy way to map and share your travels. This map generator highlights all the countries you have visited in Google Maps. Simply follow the steps to get your personal Map. You will receive the HTML code that you can use to embed the map on your website or blog. 

Google Spreadsheet Visualization

An example of using Sharendipity to visualize Google spreadsheet data. In this case, Second Harvest Fooddrive collaborated with a local swim team to build an embeddable food drive widget. 



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