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Bills itself as a "smarter Twitter widget." 

Random Flickring

Flip through tagged pictures from Flickr or view them as slideshows with visual effects. Click on the image to see Lightbox effect. Mouse over Lightbox image top right or top left for next or previous image. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop, Flickr 
Random Wikipedia Article

Flip through random articles from Wikipedia in your favorite language. Currently supported in English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Polski, Portugues, and Svenska 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop 
Real Estate Daily Widget

Real estate facts, terms, people, websites, history, and events in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year contains a reference about the real estate and housing industries. 

Renewable and Nuclear Energy Widget

Find interactive data graphs for top countries leading in energy production from renewable, hydro, nuclear and fossil energy sources. Data is from 

Research 2.0 Stock Portfolio Widget

This widget has been temporarily discontinued while I look for a new home for it 

Reverse Phone Search Widget

The reverse lookup widget made with premium WhitePages API and hosted on Widgetbox. The widget can search and identify various types of numbers (mobile, landline, unlisted, etc.). For each number, the following info is retrieved: approximate issuing location, phone line type and carrier company. 

Widgetbox, WhitePages 
Rhapsody Top Feeds

A Google Gadget that polls top songs and album feeds from Rhapsody RSS to let users stay on top of news about their favorite artists. 

Rhapsody, GoogleHomepage 
Rule of Thumb

Rules of thumb in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year contains an interesting rule of thumb from business, real estate, finance, fashion, sports, and more. 

Sad Statements

Sad tweets are grabbed from Twitter and illustrated via pictures from Flickr. Sometimes the pictures and the text are not a perfect match. Other times the matches seem profound. 

YahooTerms, Twitter, Flickr 
Salesforce International Mapping

A free Salesforce Appexchange package that displays inline Google Maps within Salesforce using VisualForce. 

Salesforce, GoogleMaps 

A do-it-yourself website creation and hosting service designed to enable users to easily create sites using web services such as Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, and BlueDot. 

YouTube, YahooMapImage, YahooGeocode, Weblogs, Technorati, PubSub, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleAdWords, Flickr, FeedBurner,, BlueDot, Bloglines, Blogger, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Schmap Customizable Widgets

Customizable widgets that combine maps with photos and points of interest like restaurants, hotels, attractions, and shops for 200 destinations throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

YahooMaps, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
Science Stack Select and Search

Select any section of a webpage in Firefox and find related scientific and research papers. A resource for any scientist, literary writer or researcher in any field. 

PLoSSearch, Mendeley 
Scribble Maps

The quick and easy way to make Google Maps. There is also a pro version with more functionality. 

Second Life Clock

Clock widget with Second Life-related Flickr photos. 

Second Life Weather

This gadget grabs the Yahoo weather feed for any US zip code or international country code, and updates an object to display the current weather in Second Life. 

YahooTravel, SecondLife 

SenseBot represents a new type of Search Engine that delivers a summary in response to your query instead of a collection of links. SenseBot takes results from Google, Yahoo or Live and summarizes them as a text digest on the query topic. Patent Pending. 

YahooBOSS, MicrosoftBing, GoogleAjaxSearch, Yahoo Widgets

Takes all your favourite online information and displays in it one spot. Similar to igoogle or netvibes. 

GoogleBase, GoogleAppEngine, Flickr 

Is it possible to subscribe to a newsletter in as little as one click? I say yes. Mailchimp users can now embed this widget onto their site to federate list signups using Oauth as well as the traditional signup form. 

MailChimp, GoogleGmailOAuth, Foursquare, Facebook, Basecamp 


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