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Teradown sorts the most popular software on the web (with help of bing API) by platform. 

Added: 2014-02-12
Softonic, Bing 
The pronunciation guide for Windows Phone

An app for Windows Phone using Forvo API 

Added: 2011-08-22

Flickr application for Microsoft Windows Mobile. 

Added: 2009-03-11

Migratr is a desktop application which moves photos between popular photo sharing services. Migrates your metadata, including titles, tags, descriptions and album org. Services supported: Flickr, Faces, Picasa, Phanfare, Zenfolio Zooomr and others. 

Added: 2009-01-06
Zooomr, Smugmug, Photobucket, Phanfare, GooglePicasa, Flickr, Faces, AOLPictures, 23 

A cross-platform graphical client for Amazon Web Services, AWS. Manage S3 storage and EC2 clouds on the Mac, Windows or Linux. The services are integrated into a GUI, for simple task completion. 

Added: 2008-07-21
AmazonS3, AmazonEC2 
Jaikoz Audio Tagger

Desktop audio tagging application that integrates with Lyricsfly and MusicBrainz. The information is metadata stored in a tag. The Jaikoz Audio Tag Editor is a tool to organize, edit, and correct thousands of tags at once. 

Added: 2008-05-11
MusicBrainz, Lyricsfly 
Now Yahoo Music Player Plugin

This plugin allows you to set a playlist for each application on the windows desktop. So you can listen to jazz when browsing with Firefox and listen to rock when working on a paper with MS Word. 

Added: 2008-05-04
Windows Vista Slideshow Gadget

Create your own slideshow and let it run on your Vista Sidebar. Upload your photos at Imageloop and fetch your permalink. 

Added: 2008-02-09

Unique wallpaper changer that rotates your wallpaper using photos stored in Riya, Picasa, flickr, and 23HQ. Rotates from either your own private photos hosted anywhere or from public photos. Windows executable. 

Added: 2007-08-03
Riya, GooglePicasa, GoogleClientAuth, Flickr, 23 

Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that displays eBay results on a Google map and compares the prices to Amazon, all on the desktop. 

Added: 2007-06-19
WindowsDesktopGagdets, GoogleMaps, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Vista Slideshow by Imagelooop

Create your own slideshow and let it run on your Vista Sidebar. Expands on undocking from sidebar. Multiple instances can play different slideshows. Keeps settings after Windows restart. 

Added: 2007-04-24
WindowsDesktopGagdets, ImageLoop 

Synchronize Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar with this Windows utility. Requires .Net 2.0 and Outlook 2003 or higher. 

Added: 2007-03-20
Live Recipe

The Live Recipe website is used to test and deploy mainly Windows Live Services and products. 

Added: 2007-03-10
WindowsLiveGadgets, LiveContactsJS, WindowsLiveDomains, MicrosoftBing 
Alerter for Pingdom

The Alerter for Pingdom API tool provides you with a Windows system tray icon that shows the status of your Pingdom checks like websites and servers. .NET source code available. 

Added: 2006-12-31

ScreenSvr is a simple screen saver for Windows PCs. It grabs photos from Flickr, based on your selection criteria, and displays them in a repeating slideshow as a screensaver. 

Added: 2006-06-30
Flickr Screensaver WinXP

Flickr screensaver for Windows XP 

Added: 2005-09-16


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