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Daily API RoundUp: Alerting Hub, Restfulness, Moderation, SpoofSense

Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Notifications and Biometrics. Highlights include an API that can determine if a user is spoofing a face login with in image instead of a real face and an API for converting JSON to Slack, Telegram and other channels.

10 Top Inventory APIs

Supply chain managers know the importance of keeping inventory properly safe, stored and managed. That iss why there are so many helpful inventory tools available. Developers wanting to create inventory applications should check out this list of ten popular APIs from ProgrammableWeb.

Hi Marley Launches Intelligent Insurace Data API

​Hi Marley, a provider of a communications platform for the insurance industry, has announced a new API that powers its Marley Insights product. Marley Insights offers a visual dashboard that includes over 20 built-in analytical reports that help insurance providers better leverage insurance data.

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