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Lonely Planet Exposes 8K City Guides via API

​Lonely Planet, a publisher of travel guides and eBooks, has announced plans to provide access to over 8,000 city guides via API. The Australia based travel company hopes that providing API access to their catalog of content will help grow a thriving partner program.

Explore Google Cloud APIs through Cloud Code

Google has announced a new Cloud Code API manager. Cloud Code streamlines the process of adding Google Cloud APIs to applications, while remaining in the integrated development environment. Prior to this API management functionality, adding multiple Google Cloud APIs required repetitive steps.

Poorly Configured Server Exposes International Fitness Retailer's API Data

​The team at vpnMentor has discovered an issue that left exposed millions of records containing personal data belonging to the customers of an international fitness retailer. Decathlon, a sporting goods retailer based in France, operated the ElasticSearch server at the center of the debacle.

What is a HIPAA Compliant Fax API?

You’ve been tasked with utilizing a HIPAA compliant fax API for your company or client. You understand what fax is, but how do you make it HIPAA compliant? If you Google search HIPAA compliance you will see things like needing a BAA, cover pages, disclaimers, and massive fines for HIPAA violations.

Daily API RoundUp: Skedulo, Jive Data, BallotReady, The List, SelfID

Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Banking, Human Resources, and Events. Highlights include Skedulo APIs for managing mobile workforces and the BallotReady API for returning candidate and ballot initiative information. Here's a look at what is new.

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