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The ProgrammableWeb directories are about cataloging APIs, SDKs, libraries, frameworks, Web apps and applications that consume APIs (primarily mashups and mobile apps), and pointers to sample source code found elsewhere on the Web. The purpose of this form is to make a record of any frameworks that somehow play a role in the API ecosystem. In ProgrammableWeb’s parlance, a framework is a key part of the software stack on which other software and applications are often built. Examples might be the ExpressJS or jquery frameworks. Frameworks are invariably language or platform (ie: .NET) specific. We recommend searching our directory to see if a framework is already listed before putting in the effort to add a new one.

After adding a framework to ProgrammableWeb’s directory, be sure to use our forms to add any related APIs, SDKs, libraries, pointers to sample source code, and examples of applications that work with or run on that framework. If you have any questions about our forms, their fields, and the data model behind our directories, we recommend that you read ProgrammableWeb's New API Directory Data Model Explained. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at

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