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The ProgrammableWeb directories are about cataloging APIs, SDKs, libraries, frameworks, Web apps and applications that consume APIs (primarily mashups and mobile apps), and pointers to sample source code found elsewhere on the Web.

The purpose of this form is so that you can add software development kits (SDKs) to ProgrammableWeb's directory of SDKs. In ProgrammableWeb's parlance, an SDK is for consumption of an API or service. We realize that not everyone adheres to this exact meaning of an SDK. But this view of the API economy will enable some great power searching in the future.

Generally speaking, we look for SDKs that help developers who are building Web or mobile applications (in the case of the latter, mobile apps that consume Web APIs or that involve the Web as a platform in some other capacity). The grand majority of SDKs that we make a record of will for easing the development of applications that might otherwise have to go directly through a Web API. But not all of them. But, when SDKs are for working with APIs, it is very important that we make those connections under the hood of ProgrammableWeb. This way, when developers are browsing the APIs in our directory, they can find their way to any associated SDKs (and vice versa).

So, before adding an SDK to our directory, be sure to add the APIs it works with first, even if they are "phantom" (what we call "indirect") APIs (ones that the developer never works directly with). SDKs are language/platform specific. If you have SDKs for five different languages/platforms, you would need five separate entries in our directory to accomodate them. We look for both client and server-side SDKs. For example Javascript (for browser-involved Web Apps), iOS and Android SDKs on the client side and Python, Node.js, PHP, etc. on the server side.

After adding an SDK to ProgrammableWeb’s directory, be sure to use our forms to add any related APIs, frameworks, libraries, pointers to sample source code, and examples of applications that consume that SDK. If you have any questions about our forms, their fields, and the data model behind our directories, we recommend that you read ProgrammableWeb's New API Directory Data Model Explained. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at

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