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ProgrammableWeb Research Center

Welcome to ProgrammableWeb's Research Center; your one stop shop for the various charts and research that we maintain regarding the API economy. In recognition of how ProgrammableWeb's audience members like to re-use our charts in their presentations and whitepapers, we are offering all of our charts as PowerPoint decks that can be downloaded from  At bare minimum, each of our slide decks comes with three slides; a title slide, the main chart, and a third slide that may or may not contain the source data (depending on whether we can fit it or not).  If the source data is not included with the slide deck, you can request it by writing to

To download any one of the decks, click on the Slideshare logo on the bottom left-hand corner of the viewer. This will take you to the same deck as it appears on Slideshare.  From there, press the "Save" button and the deck will be downloaded to your system.

We will be updating these slide decks and adding new ones on a regular basis in an effort to provide you with many different slices and filters of our directories and databases. If you're looking for a slice of data that's not available through this research center, let us know by reaching out to us at the aforementioned email address and we'll see if we can accomodate your request.  ProgrammableWeb also offers custom research upon request.  We can develop other charts and research reports on spec.  

Thanks for checking out the research center!

The ProgrammableWeb Team


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ProgrammableWeb's eSignature APIs Research Report

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