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2015: APIs Year in Review

2015 was an eventful year in the API space with lively conversation continuing to take place around designing and documenting APIs. API security proved to be elusive as shown by the breaches of a number of high-profile companies. This year saw an explosion of awareness and tooling around API description languages, the rise of automated API and SDK solutions, and API consumption being brought to non-developers.

Through it all, ProgrammableWeb strived to cover the happenings of the API economy and keep you up to date. With 2015 behind us, we take a look back at the year and some of the interesting things that occurred while keeping an eye towards 2016.

Retiring an API is often an unacknowledged part of the API lifecycle. But how an API is deprecated (‘sunsetting an API’), is part of an API’s product life that can have a fundamental impact on future developer relationships and even the overall trustworthiness of a business’ reputation.
With 2015 in the books, we take a final look back at the stories that captured your attention this year. Here is a recap of the most popular stories of the year across news and analysis, API category roundups, and tutorials, based on what our readers clicked on and shared most often this year.
Considering how many APIs were added to our directory during 2015, it's nearly impossible for developers to take notice of all the unique and important innovation that the API world is driving. Here, we highlight some interesting technology we've seen this year that developers may have...
Apple has had a busy 2015: It has not only evolved its existing SDKs, but added new SDKs to support newer platforms. This includes, notably, the Apple Watch update. Apple has also introduced innovative SDKs that have enabled the addition of functionality to everything from Search APIs to 3D Touch.
Pushed by Google’s Android Wear in late-2014 and Apple’s first wearable, the Apple Watch, we are starting to see the area of smart wearables expanding--to everything from bio-measurable shirts to virtual reality headsets to pet-ware and more. It looks to be a whole new wearable world in 2016.