API U Series

How To Build a Strong Developer Community

What if you build it and they don’t come? API providers have an audience--developers--with very unique and very diverse needs. In order to engage developers with your product, you have to engage with developers. From getting to know who your development audience is to measuring the effectiveness of your marketing to that audience, this series offers practical recommendations for developing the kinds of relationships that will build community and thus adoption of your products and services.
Business-to-developer marketing, or B2D, is less familiar than B2C or B2B marketing but just as--if not more--important for API providers. This article outlines some of the challenges faced when engaging with developers, as well as advice for how to go where the developers are.
Casting a wide net is not the best strategy when it comes to marketing to developers. Segmentation answers a very important question: Whom do I need to target in order to make my product successful? In this article we recommend how to focus on the right developers to achieve your goals.
Once a developer marketing program is in place, your work is not done. To ensure continued success, you need to create metrics to gauge whether your plan is working and how well it is working. This article looks at how to measure the right things and how to make effective use of your data.
Perhaps the most important step along the developer marketing continuum is onboarding. This article recommends how to take control of the onboarding process by minimizing the hurdles, obstacles and frictions that could prevent developers from deciding to move forward with your product.
There are a lot of industry events vying for your time. You want to attend events that will provide the greatest ROI. This article provides recommendations to review when considering which events to participate in, as well as some suggestions for making the most of your event presence.
A truly effective developer marketer knows who the decision makers are and how (and why) they make their decisions. This article provides a step-by-step guide to determining who the development decision makers are and how to match your messaging with their current and future needs.