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10darts API - Source Code

The 10darts REST API allows developers to access the functionality of 10darts backend-as-a-service, which is very easy to integrate with any app, web and Facebook Messenger bots. The API methods include managing push notifications, managing account information, segmentations and campaigns management. 10darts analyzes users behavior and content relevance to push each user the content they want through the channel they prefer, Facebook Messenger, app and web, boosting user engagement and revenue generation. SDKs and integrations methods for Facebook Messenger, iOS, Android and websites are thoroughly documented on the API homepage. The site has a mix of both English and Spanish text, unsegmented. As such, you may need to use Google Translate, or Chrome with the translate option to read information you're looking for. 10darts is a communications and user and content analytics multichannel platform providing autonomous push notifications.