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This project is the back end for the Crime Data Explorer 18f/crime-data-explorer. The Crime Data Explorer is a website that allows law enforcement and the general public to more easily access uniform crime data. The FBI collects this data from state and local law enforcement agencies and publishes it in the form of annual reports. This API allows users to look at multiple years of data as well as other information only provided as a master file from the FBI. The API enables you to explore data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. This is data the FBI collects from law state and local law enforcement agencies and is used to compile the Crime in the US annual reports since 1960. This data is often published publicly about 18 months after it is submitted to the FBI. Therefore, recent year for data in the API would be 18 months prior to current year. The API is a read-only web service that returns JSON or CSV data. It is broadly organized around the data reporting systems the FBI UCR program uses and their related entities. It includes aggregated reports, plus information about each offense, such as the time of day an incident occurred, the demographics of the offenders/victims, the known relationships between the offenders and victims, and many other details around how and where crime occurs. Please note, there is no personally identifiable information (PII) about the offenders or victims. While many agencies submit SRS data, the FBI plans to transition all crime reporting to the NIBRS format by 2021. This site and API are in beta, and the FBI is actively working on both and adding new features. Note: The FBI plans to version big changes that are not backwards compatible, however, expect things to change as the API develops. This might mean that the structure of endpoints could shift around or that the accepted parameters are changed. All noteable changes to the API are recorded in the CHANGELOG. This project is a Python flask app that uses SqlAlchemy to wrap a Postgres database.