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1WorldSync Digital Asset Management API - Followers

1WorldSync™ provides a wide variety of product content solutions that facilitate the sharing of authentic content customers and other target audiences. The company’s Digital Asset Management platform enables data sources to manage and transfer digital content such as images, PDF files, and videos. The 1WorldSync Digital Asset Management API allows users to upload, host, and manage digital assets. The RESTful API features the Digital Asset endpoint for hosting and managing digital assets and the Digital Asset Metadata endpoint for attaching a digital asset to an item in the Item Management interface, among other functions. 1WorldSync's Digital Asset Management (DAM) API allows you to upload, host, and manage your digital assets. By using this API, you can:
  • Upload images, PDFs, and other related digital content
  • Host your digital assets (have a URL assigned to your digital asset)
  • Associate the digital asset with one of your existing products in Item Management, enabling the content for distribution
  • Supply information about the digital asset, such as descriptions and start / end dates
To get started with using the DAM API, please register using the "Sign Up" link at, or contact us at