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Airhint Airfare Predictions API - Source Code

The Airhint Airfare Predictions REST API provides airfare predictions, recommendations, and stats. The API will return:
  • Prediction (Buy or Wait)
  • Price drop confidence %
  • Price range for a given month
The AirHint platform constantly crunches millions of airfares to detect the best flight deals for a given destination, airport, route and time period. This data can be used in your products to offer the customer the best flight options and can be used as a source of content for social media and email marketing. AirHint provides B2B airfare prediction solutions for air travel websites, travel management companies, travel agents, airlines, researchers or other businesses in air travel industry. Their SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions are based on unique machine learning algorithm include flight price prediction API, data feeds, widget, and custom integration. Flight price prediction API recommends the best moment to book flights. It is a machine learning based recommender platform which can enhance any air travel related products.