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Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation API - SDKs

The Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation APIs are a suite of APIs that give developers access to rich Service Provider IMS capabilities. The APIs give developers exposure to and allow for integration with Alcatel-Lucent's IMS application servers including Converged Telephony Server, Presence Server and Multimedia Instant Messaging. The RESTful New Conversation APIs give developers the ability to build communication-enabled apps for consumer, enterprise and vertical markets. Functionality includes assigning control of an active call to a 3rd-party application; call and conference control; interactive voice and video management; call progress notifications to add call monitoring to apps; retrieve call logs; sending and receiving SMS; retrieving presence information for all contacts in a network address book and chat and file transfer capabilities. Interested developers can register on for more information on the APIs and associated sandbox, a fast prototyping environment, to pre-validate the app with Alcatel-Lucent IMS test platform.
Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation