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The Alibris API gives users access to all of the information in Alibris' database. Alibris is the world's largest independently owned and operated book, music and movie marketplace. They offer over 100 million used, new, collectible, rare and out-of-print items to consumers, libraries, and retail business partners. The Alibris API gives users access to a multitiude of data including: current books, music, and movies for sale at very competitive prices; items listed by title, author, ISBN, etc.; bibliographic data, prices, cover images and more; information about our independent sellers; reviews and recommendations for desired items. Methods available include: search Method � Returns a list of items or Works that match the input parameters; recommendations Method � Returns a list of recommended Works based on one or more Work IDs; reviews Method � Returns reviews at a Works level based on the Work ID. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML or JSON.