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Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skills REST API

The smart home skills is an automation solution that supports the coding and configuration of instruments that interpret voice commands and transmit messages to cloud-enabled devices. It allows users to use cloud devices to implement remote connection and manipulation of home or office appliances. The Amazon Alexa Home Skills API is the platform that plays the crucial role of understanding and transforming the commands into directives prior to conveying them to smart home skills. Its infrastructure consists of the skill adapter, a function that is hosted in Amazon Web Services’ AWS Lambda and an event source representing the Alexa Connected Home. The API sends requests to the user’s skill adapter in JSON format. These requests usually consist of object and payload objects. The user’s skill adapter in turn returns responses in JSON format that similarly contain object and payload objects. The API can be developed in multiple languages. A developer must sign up for Amazon developer account and acquire OAuth 2.0 access token to be able to use this API to create smart home skills.