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Amentum Trapped Radiation REST API v1.1.1

Space has a hostile radiation environment that increases the risk of cancers in humans and malfunctions in spacecraft electronics. The types of space radiation of primary concern are: - Galactic Cosmic Rays from outside our solar system generated by supernovae and other phenomena; - Solar Energetic Particles produced by the Sun during intense and sporadic bursts of activity; and - Trapped Radiation: energetic particles confined by Earth's magnetic field, usually comprising an inner belt of mostly high energy protons and an outer belt dominated by lower energy electrons and plasma. Understanding the space radiation environment for a particular mission profile is becoming increasingly important. Commercial off-the-shelf electronic components that aren't resilient to space radiation are now prevalent. Longer duration missions to cislunar space, Mars, and beyond are placing astronauts at greater risk of radiation exposure. API requests must contain a key "API-Key" in the header (see code samples). Obtain a key from Copyright Amentum Pty Ltd 2021.
Amentum Trapped Radiation