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The AnyChart API is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser HTML5/JavaScript charting library. AnyChart charts can be easily made interactive and built in real-time with client-side data updates, multi-level drill-downs and specific parameter updates. The powerful theme engine enables unique presentation experience across your entire set of charts, while PDF and image exporting enable producing printable documents in book quality. AnyChart offers 4 main products: *AnyChart JS Charts - interactive HTML5 "basic" JS charts including line, area, gauges, bubble, box plot, error bars, waterfall, polar, and many other chart types. *AnyStock Financial and Stock JS Charts - interactive HTML5 real-time stock charts with technical indicators (MACD, ROC, SMA, RSI...) which can be used for any date/time based graphs. *AnyMap JS Maps - interactive HTML5 maps to display sales by region, election results, population density or any other geo-related data. *AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts - interactive Project (task based), and Schedule (resource based) HTML5 Gantt charts with configurable timeline, data grid and more.