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The Truveo video search APIs provide a programmatic interface to access the Truveo index and build applications that feature video search results. The Truveo video search engine is an index containing millions of video files that are available on the Internet. This index is continuously updated, cleaned and expanded to include the latest videos from the most popular video destinations on the Web. The rich functionality of these APIs enables users to build a wide variety of video-based web applications. Examples of how the APIs can be used include creating search functionality that will let users find video located either in their own video library or on thousands of websites across the Internet, identifying videos relevant to a particular topic or saving and sharing favorite videos and watchlists. The Truveo Video Search APIs come in five flavors: XML, AJAX, Flash, Ruby, and now JSON. The XML API allows users to submit REST-style queries and receive XML-formatted results to standard HTTP GET requests. The AJAX API runs in the browser and lets client applications access video search results directly from JavaScript. The Flash API runs in Macromedia Flash and allows Flash applications to access video search results. The Ruby API is a mapping of the XML API for use in Ruby programs.
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