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Aphelion Websocket Streaming API - Source Code

The Aphelion Websocket API allows you to interact with the Aphelion DEX smart contract for; a snapshot of the order book, book updates, trade messages ect. This websocket API enables you with the ability to keep up with the latest order book information, order book subscriptions, trade history updates and more. Aphelion DEX supports a decentralized smart contract, where funds remain under the control of the private key(s) of the depositing address. The Aphelion service provides a next generation, tokenized blockchain to access services on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. It is a peer to peer smart contract ledger, for both buyer and seller. APH tokens represent digital asset distribution that act as a digital escrow or a Liquidity Verification Device. The token captures terms from buyer and seller, reconciles the proposed smart contract, and then verifies liquidity and settles the DEAL. Aphelion is a P2P Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency DEX that is powered on NEO.