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Aspose.Note Indirect API - Followers

Aspose.Note API provides indirect access the .NET SDK. It is a standalone Microsoft Office OneNote document manipulation SDK to create, read, modify and convert Microsoft OneNote files without the needs of Microsoft OneNote. Developers can easily read and access the different objects properties as well as capable of accessing the OneNote book image properties. API supports the manipulation of OneNote books and then exporting to different formats. API can easily convert OneNote documents to PDF, HTML and multiple image formats.General Features
  • Load, edit and then save OneNote document to the same format.
  • Render images and text from OneNote document to raster images and PDF.
  • Insert or extract text and other elements within OneNote file as well as render those to supported formats.
  • Add images within OneNote files.
  • Easily navigate through OneNote document object model.
  • Extract text formatting and layout information via the object model.
  • Print OneNote files.