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AstroBin API - Developers

AstroBin is an image hosting website created specifically for astrographers, specialized photographers who take photos (astrographs) of the night sky. When users upload their astrographs they can include technical information, such as the telescopes, cameras, filters, or other equipment used to acquire the astrographs. Images can also be plate solved, annotated, and watermarked before appearing on the site. AstroBin creates histograms and black-and-white images from astrographs to help spot faint regions of nebulosity or spiral arms. Site visitors can search for images based on target region, lunar phase, type of camera, type of filter, and many other variables. AstroBin users can follow other users, get notified when selected users post new images, or follow new astrographs taken with specific kinds of gear or of certain astronomical subjects. The AstroBin API is read-only and allows users to get information about astrographs and perform basic searches.