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Auto 3D Avatar WebAPI from the 3D Avatar Store API - Followers

The 3D Avatar Store is an online destination to create and interact with 3D Avatars created through our automated, photo-real 3D Reconstruction technology. With the 3D Avatar Store's WebAPI, professional software and media developers gain the ability to auto-generate 3D Avatars from user supplied photos within their own software. Additionally, with our system you can supply anyone's photo and get a Maya performance-rigged model of that person from which to animate, and we support FaceShift markerless facial mocap. Between Maya and FaceShift, it is easy to produce animations which can be performed by your users in your software via creating a 3D avatar of them thru our WebAPI. The Auto 3D Avatar WebAPI is a neural net based 3D Reconstruction REST API. Users can submit one or more photos of a person and retrieve a 3D animation rigged, photo-real 3D Avatar of that person. The API also does facial photo analysis such as "find facial features", illumination analysis such as image quality and shadow detection, as well as recovers skin, and hair tone. The system has four different geometry targets, and can be trained to output your proprietary geometries as well. Also can generate skin tone color corrected full body texture maps, so avatars complete bodies match their real world ethnicity. Great for gaming Apps as well as fashion and eCommerce: incorporate user's likeness in the product catalog, and show the consumer experiencing the product and enjoying. System is fast, under a second to generate a new avatar, plus data transfer time from our big fat pipe. The actual API endpoints are private. Each licensee receives their own endpoint, with custom data handling specific to their needs. The current system has capacity in excess of 700 new avatars per second.