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Bibliotek API - How To

Bibliotek is not a library itself, but rather a database of items held by Danish public libraries. Bibliotek provides online access to the records of all items published in Denmark as well as all items found in Danish public and research libraries. Denmark-based users can place requests for items at their local library, even if the library does not normally carry the desired item. Certain items - such as DVDs and VHS tapes - may be unavailable to non-local borrowers. A warning will appear in the records of any items that may be unavailable. Bibliotek also allows users to check their loans and reservations at their favorite libraries, as well as ask for renewals and delete reservations. If the user's library doesn't yet provide their borrower data to Bibliotek, a link to the library's website will be provided instead. Users may also search Bibliotek's item database using either a web interface or a SOAP-based API. The Bibliotek website is offered in both Danish and English, though parts of the site (including the API documentation) are provided solely in Danish.