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BioID Web Services (BWS) is a webcam based biometrics service for cloud, web, and mobile application developers. The service enables applications such as - Biometric authentication (face and voice, iris to follow) including liveness detection - Identification to check people against blacklists, for criminal background checks, etc. - Ticketless check-in for trade shows and other events, airline boarding, ships - Fraud prevention with liveness detection to verify the presence of a live user or to detect multiple registrations from the same person - Face or voice similarity search for celebrity matching, online dating, modeling or casting agencies - Photo quality checks to ensure good-quality (biometric) ID photos or mugshots Functionality exposed by the API includes verification (one-to-one) and identification (one-to-many) of face and voice, liveness detection, photo quality checking to international standards, finding, cropping and returning high-quality face images and more. The API uses REST and SOAP protocols and responses are formatted in XML.
BioID Web Services