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Biometric Vision Facial Recognition REST API v2.0

The Biometric Vision Facial Recognition API allows you to verify two images are the same person (one-to-one or face verification) or identify a person from a database of images (one-to-many or face identification). More features like multi-face detection and spoof detection are under development. API Highlights: - Anonymizing images into an alphanumeric string (binary) that cannot be reversed engineered - 99.99% accuracy in the most challenging scenarios - Uses up to 180 landmarks to create a face template - Blistering speed with a face match time of 130ms - Algorithm that uses less memory than our competitors for enrolment of a single image at 15MB, noting industry peak-memory benchmark median was 730MB and a top-ranked with 33MB (NIST) - AES 256+ encryption end-to-end
Biometric Vision Facial Recognition