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BLAM Ads API - Followers

BLAM Ads is an online advertising service that can be implemented with to monetize websites using content locking advertising. When BLAM's code is pasted into a website's HTML, visitors will be prompted with a "content locking gateway" which will display several offers that users must interact with to gain access to the rest of the site. This model ensures that any user who makes it to a site using BLAM's content locking is providing advertising revenue to the site owner. The BLAM ads API provides programmatic access to exactly how the content locking service operates on a site, giving developers control over the types of offers presented to end-users of their sites. Other functionality exposed by this API includes statistics and reporting, account and user management, and integration with virtual currencies - for example interacting with ads in exchange for a certain amount of virtual currency. This RESTful API can be configured to provide a wide range of response types, including JSON, JSONP, XML, PHP, CSV, and HTML. Access to this API is dependent on an account with service.