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Blocksi API - Developers

The Blocksi API provides three main features: web URL categorization web service, web filter configuration repositories and web analytic URL categorization web service supports 79 categories that are organized into the six main groups, like Controversial, Potentially Liable, Security Risk, Personal Interest, Bussiness Interest and Unrated. Some sub-categories exaples are Adult Materials, Pornography, Child Abuse, Discrimination, Drug Abuse, Proxy Avoidance, Malicious Websites, Phishing, Spam URLs etc. Full list is available on . The Configuration API provides support for central repositories for web filter configuration settings. Settings can be grouped per organization and for different users. The Analytic API provides daily, weekly and monthly reports for: - Total request count - Top100 visitied URLs - Top100 blocked URLs - Most popular categories The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. Public documentation is not available for the API. The provider should be contacted for more details.