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SecureKey Connect API offers developers a cloud based, password-free, software-only solution that simplifies user login and quickly, easily adds strong, multi-factor device and user authentication into their mobile apps. Compared to current software market alternatives like out of band SMS codes or hardware and software tokens that add complexity and inconvenience to the user, Connect streamlines and simplifies your users’ mobile experience within your existing fully branded app. Connect replaces cumbersome usernames, passwords and typical out of band codes with a cryptographically authenticated device ID and an optional multi-device PIN, (called QuickCode) for easy login. Similar to a chip and pin credit card, The QuickCode is never stored on the device or on the server, but can be ‬‭cryptographically verified.‬‬‬ The Connect API, is purpose-built to allow developers to quickly and easily add strong authentication to a wide number of workflows, use cases, and applications.