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buySAFE API - Followers

From their site: The buySAFE Seal instills confidence in online shoppers, which makes them more likely to purchase from a merchant displaying the seal. Every buySAFE Merchant has passed a rigorous and thorough business inspection and is continually monitored by buySAFE to ensure they are committed to their customers’ satisfaction. If you provide a tool (browser plug-in, toolbar) for online shoppers, the buySAFE Trust API will allow you to integrate buySAFE signaling into your offering allowing you to dramatically increase the benefit you provide to your customers. Using the buySAFE Trust API, you can determine whether a specific e-retailer is a buySAFE Merchant and/or whether a specific item is being sold by a buySAFE Merchant. When an API call produces a positive result, you can display a buySAFE signal next to the merchant or item to let shoppers know they can feel safe and confident buying. One example of Trust API usage would be a comparison shopping engine, which can integrate buySAFE signaling to provide greater purchasing information for shoppers, and greater click-throughs and sales for their merchant advertisers.