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CampBX is a platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoins in real-time from other CampBX users. Your buy or sell orders are matched against a parametrized database of other orders. If a perfect match is found, a Bitcoin-to-USD trade is executed instantly. If there are no matching orders at the price you specified, then your order can remain open for up to 31 days. To maintain fairness in trading, we have taken a purely-platform approach and CampBX is never a counter-party to any trade. Our platform was designed with stability and security as top priorities, and we became the first Bitcoin website to obtain Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification and the McAfee Secure seal of confidence on June 28th, 2011. When you open an account on CampBX, all of the following features are available to you to ensure that you have a productive experience on our platform: ­
­ • Daily security scans and certification by McAfee Secure • Quick Buy/Sell and Spend-X trades available for new traders • Advanced trading options with AON/FOK/Incremental Fills • Market Price and Limit Price Orders • STOPLOSS and Short-Selling available soon • Stoploss / Custom Order Expiry Date/Time • Trading API available • Wallet API available • SMS (Text Message) Notifications • Two-Factor Authentication • Professional third-party security audits • Frequent & encrypted back-ups • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan • Based in Atlanta, USA