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Caret API - Source Code

The Caret API lets users harness their smart device sensors and interconnect them with third party devices & applications to automate customizable status sharing services. Users can share what they are doing in one app when they are doing it via an interactive Caret status. Your status could automatically change when you start playing a game and contain a link, photo and more about that game. For more complex cross-app or sensor triggered statuses, you can order custom built solutions through Caret's Web CommunicatorWith the Caret App you can:
  • Assign real time statuses to phone numbers for sharing with contacts
  • See when & why contacts are available or busy
  • Manage what contacts see about you
  • Call & end-to-end encrypted status based messaging for free
  • Create custom statuses to meet your business needs
  • Discover your contacts' interests in real time
Caret is automatable status sharing triggered by your device's sensors (context aware status sharing). With Caret you are able to Personalize presence info with automated context & interactive B2C/B2B services.