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Chartie is a free web API that mines the relevant trend patterns from your signal. Thanks to our technololgy, Chartie's output identifies the relevant trend in the input data. Chartie employs these commonly used concepts: - Rise and Fall: representing the intuitive idea of signal increments and decrements - Balanced: armonious combination of rises and falls. A constant signal is an extreme example of such a case. Rise and fall words are enriched with these adjectives: slight, moderate, strong, very strong. To use Chartie API send your data and then get the output. Example: Request: URL: Body: [308.0, 384.0, 706.0, 755.0, 655.0, ...] Response: { msg: "OK", msgNo: "0", strength: "strong", trend: "rise", txt: "Overall behavior is a strong rise. In the first part a large moderate fall is observed." }