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Chomp REST API v1.0

Chomp is a Food Nutrition Database API -- a commercial API with high-quality data on over 535,000 products. We provide data on food products such as barcodes, nutrition labels, ingredients, trace ingredients, allergen warnings, product images, brands/manufacturer, countries where sold, keywords for each product, mineral content, vitamin content, and more. Subscribers can access individual product data using a barcode, our internal product ID, or the product’s name. Bulk lists of products can be generated using our Query Builder tool or Advanced Search API endpoint. Query Builder uses: 1. Get all products in the United States that include cheese ingredients. 2. Get organic products that include a nut allergen. 3. Get plant based products that include vitamin B6. 4. Get products sold in a specific country by a certain brand. Individual Product examples: 1. Get product data using a barcode 2. Get product data using the Chomp ID. 3. Get product data for foods with a name similar to a search term.