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Cisco WebEx REST API - How To

The WebEx Meeting Services API Platform lets users incorporate Cisco WebEx meetings into their own applications. The platform offers three APIs: URL API: The URL API is a convenient, lightweight, HTTP(S)-based mechanism that provides browser-based, external hooks into WebEx meeting services. The URL API is typically used in enterprise portal integrations to support basic interactions such as Single Sign-On (SSO), scheduling meetings, starting and joining simple meetings, and inviting attendees and presenters. XML API: The XML API is a comprehensive set of services that supports most aspects of WebEx meeting services, including detailed user management, comprehensive scheduling features, attendee management and reporting, and more. The WebEx XML API employs a services oriented architecture (SOA) to provide comprehensive services to external applications wishing to interact with one or more WebEx services. Teleconference Service Provider (TSP) API: The TSP API provides full-featured XML-based integration with audio conferencing networks. The integration architecture supports redundancy, fail-over, and load balancing, and provides robust features that tightly integrate audio conferencing capabilities with telephony management and provisioning in the WebEx environment.