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Citibank Onboarding API MASTER RECORD

The Citibank Onboarding API allows you to initiate the basic account opening process for new Citi customers. The resources allow you to present eligible products send applications for screening and submit a new application for one or more products. The resources also allow you to submit supporting documents. Application status can be checked at any point in the process, with deaccessioning happening in real time. Key features of this API are:
  • The ability to ease the process of new account opening such as a credit card or loan. Track and alert customers of their application status.
  • Improved customer activation by allowing them to upload and submit required application documents in the app.
  • The ability to promote relevant offers and qualifying products to those Citi customers that apply for your products.
This API is part of Citi Open Banking, a set of APIs that allow you to connect to core Citi financial functionality.