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Clickatell SMPP API - Libraries

The Clickatell FTP API is typically used by enterprises and large organizations for high volume sending. It provides a direct connection, initiated by you, to the Clickatell SMS Gateway. This enables you to send out a high volume of messages at high speed each month with real-time messaging via a 24/7 authenticated connection to Clickatell. With SMPP the client is continuously connected to the Clickatell gateway, allowing you to send large volumes of SMS messages in a short period of time. The standard protocol requires no programming if you have SMPP client software installed. Clickatell supports connections via SMPP using the global SMPP 3.4 standard, and is backward compatible. The SMPP connection supports extended length messages, provides converters to turn ringtones and logos into the correct format, allows delivery acknowledgement and more. All the Clickatell API’s support text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging, providing a way to send SMS messages around the world to clients, staff or user-database. Clickatell covers over 819 networks in more than 220 countries. Connecting you to the wireless world through simple integration while offering customization and personalization.