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Clio API - How To

Clio is a legal practice management system suitable for small to mid-sized law firms. It offers a suite of tools to help users manage their practice including document management, time tracking, billing, scheduling and more. The Clio API allows users to access functionality of the system and data stored inside the firm's Clio instance. Functionality includes operations on activities, bills, contacts, matters, tasks and users. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. The Clio API gives you and your approved developers secure access to the data in your Clio account. Please note that only accounts on a Developer, Boutique or Elite pricing plan can create apps or access applications not listed in the Clio Marketplace using the documented Clio API. If your solution will be valuable to other legal professionals submit your work to the Clio App Directory and it will be available to the 150,000 Clio legal practice management software users. Clio’s API partnership team will review all apps and integrations to ensure that they help lawyers build a better practice, comply with both our User License Agreement and our Developer Terms of Service, as well as meet our security standards. To submit your integration to the App Directory, simply email with a link and sample credentials for your solution. Once we've reviewed your integration, we'll email you with the required documentation. Once you you have completed the integration review and the required documentation, we will publish your integration to the App Directory.