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Cloud CMS is a cloud content management system that provides a Content API to create, manage and publish JSON and binary content to your mobile and web applications. The API provides RESTful and bulk transactional support for all data stores and objects within Cloud CMS, including CRUD, query, full-text search and a diversity of functions. Server authorization is via OAuth2 with all supported flows (password, auth code, implicit, etc). Authenticated access checks against all objects featuring role and team-based security. Cloud CMS provides one-click infrastructure for all of the needs of our mobile and web applications. This includes Enterprise Content Management services like workflow, auditing, content lifecycle management, mimetype transformations and extractions and more. Cloud CMS also provides multi-tenancy for managing domains of users and groups, vaults for backup and restore, registrars for integrated billing of subtenants, directories for identity services and data warehouses for real-time analytics capture and reporting.