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CMS Blue Button API - SDKs

The CMS Blue Button API enables developers with the ability to register a beneficiary facing application, and a beneficiary to grant an application access to, four years of Part A, B, and D claims data. Blue Button 2.0 contains four years of Medicare Part A, B and D data for 53 million Medicare beneficiaries using the HL7 FHIR standard for beneficiary data and the OAuth 2.0 standard for beneficiary authorization. The data reveals information about a beneficiary’s health, type of Medicare coverage, drug prescriptions, primary care treatment, cost and more. This includes; Get all Explanation of Benefit records for an individual beneficiary, Get all Patient records for an individual beneficiary, Get all Coverage information for an individual beneficiary and Get User Profile from an Authorization Token. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Blue Button API allows Medicare beneficiaries to connect their Medicare claims data to applications, services, and research programs.