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Complete Criminal Checks Offender API - How To

This API provides criminal offender data and covers all USA states + Puerto Rico, and offers both name and mappable address searches complete with latitude/longitude coordinates (when available). Search by name, vehicle tag, make or model, nickname, radius search (ie 5 miles from any US zip code). This API should NOT be used for day care, employment, or any types of criminal checks that must be certified. We do not hold every record ever written in the USA, however we do have billions of historic and current up to data sex offender data for most all states (check our database details page for complete list This API can be used as a traffic generating website designed to run ads for example. Inside your ANdroid or iPhone app using either XML or JSON formats. We also have easy copy paste widgets you can embed on your website which will detect the visitors location and list any nearby offenders. Premium members can change the redirect links to direct to any number of affiliate programs. The Complete Criminal Checks developers API is ideal for beginners, we offer 100% free one on one support for both free and paid clients. We have copy paste code to assist you in getting started. New for 2020 - active warrant and arrest log api! 25 Calls per day free for all, no hassle signups - create your API key instantly. Upgrade to 2500 Calls per day for $25/m. Live support via contact form or live chat. We clearly list each DB included here