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Configs.Cloud Configuration Management API MASTER RECORD

Configs.Cloud is configuration management software. This is a standardized implementation with many "good practices" built in as a framework and can be plugged in with any product. The product acts as a Metadata management solution, and when used with the right caching software - e.g. Hazelcast, could be used across Global Boundaries (or) as a microservice to sit on (any) cloud. The REST API can be used to programmatically retrieve configs for an environment, updating config values, retrieving by dataset ID, retrieving by environment, and more. This product works out of the box as a hosted instance and integrated with any commercial product, providing a very configurable screen view for customers and operations. Free Client code is hosted on GitHub and comes with Industry standard Caching APIs using very powerful - EhCache or using Hazelcast Caching. Can be obtained as a Cloud Service, or as a On-Prem implementation on contacting us.