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Currency Cloud API - How To

Currency Cloud is a payments platform offering Cross Border Payments as a Service. The platform enables companies, regulated and unregulated, to fully automate currency receiving, conversion and payment across 140 currencies in 200 countries for their own needs or to enhance their services out to their customers. The platform takes care of the complexities of connecting to and finding the best exchange rates and connecting to and optimising across the multitude of international payment networks. Currency Cloud simplifies and lowers costs of cross currency transfers while delivering more control and reducing operational risk and overhead. Currency Cloud API, XBPConnect, enables businesses to embed our capabilities within their own internal or client facing applications and services. For example, You may want to connect Currency Cloud to your accounting software for effortless straight through processing of transaction data for yourself, or if an ERP or accounting solution provider, to deliver a value added service to your customers. Alternatively, as a online or mobile payments firm, you may want to lower the costs of your international payments service or add a new capability to deliver cross border payments. Public documentation is available.