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Dandelion API is a semantic API to extract meaning and insights from texts in several languages (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French at the moment). Understanding text has never been so easy, especially short texts, such as tweets and other social media. Dandelion API extracts entities (such as persons, places, concepts, organizations and events), augments the text with tags and links to external knowledge graphs and more. There is a wide range of use cases like: enriching existing databases, building smart search engines and recommender systems on document collections, adding location knowledge to web apps, automatically tagging products on e-commerce sites, using data to create infographics and marketing research, giving context to web apps, and many more! Dandelion API easily scales to support billions of queries per day and can be adapted on demand to support custom and user-defined vocabularies. Additional languages are available on demand. The website provides contact e-mail, forum and a support link to facilitate application development.