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DBS FX Rates REST API v1.0 - Developers

The DBS Rates API allows you to retrieve Exchange rates, Historical Exchange rates and set preferred FX rates for DBS Customers who have authorized to your app. Retrieve Foreign Currencies - Foreign Exchange rates. Rates can also be provided for specific input currency pair. Supported Board Rate types are Telegraphic Transfer (TT),On Demand (OD) and Notes (also known as Cash) You must register for a developer account with DBS (free of charge) to access the documentation. The API is very well documented. This API also has a Sandbox Environment for you to test in. The Sandbox Environment only allows one Transaction (Request) per second for a given Application and API Operation. DBS (The Development Bank of Singapore Limited | DBS Group) is a leading financial services group in Asia. They are headquartered in Singapore, with a growing presence in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.