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Demandbase IP API - Source Code

The Demandbase IP API, without arguments (other than the required API key), returns the firmographic data belonging to the browser's IP address which loads the API call. An optional IP address parameter can be specified when there is a need to provide a look up of other IP addresses. For the implied or specified IP, it returns up to 43 validated firmographic data fields, among which are: 1) industry; 2) revenue; 3) isp (t/f); 4) address; 5) lat/long; and many more. Frequent uses of the API include: increasing conversion rates by enabling customized messaging, shortcutting user's paths to relevant content, and aggregating & streamlining measurement of responses to online campaigns. Instead of relying on cookies or other personally identifiable information (PII), the API leverages several proprietary methods to reliably build on the fundamental requirement to connect to the Internet, an IP address, to map a business up, across, and through the API. This also aligns with Demandbase’s strategic vision that B2B decisions are most reliably rolled up to the organizational level given the large number of decision makers involved in such purchases. The API outputs either XML or JSON data formats.