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Dialogflow Enterprise gRPC API - How To

The Dialogflow Enterprise gRPC API is an end-to-end development suite for conversational interfaces including; chatbots, voice-powered apps and devices. This edition is the enterprise tier of Dialogflow and is part of Google Cloud Platform. This is a beta release of the Dialogflow V2 API and is not intended for real-time usage in critical applications. The service name is needed to create RPC client stubs. This API processes a natural language query and returns structured, actionable data as a result. Dialogflow is an end-to-end development suite for building conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices that is powered by machine learning. It recognizes the intent and context of what a user says, allowing your conversational interface to provide responses. Dialogflow enables users with ways to interact with products by building voice and text-based conversational applications.