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DigitalGlobe GBDX Thumbnail API - Source Code

The DigitalGlobe GBDX Thumbnail Service lets you request a thumbnail image and the image's metadata. You can request the thumbnail by dimensions (browse mode) or by orientation (thumbnail mode). The service redirects API requests to the Amazon Web Services (S3) location for the image file or the metadata file. This includes; Get a thumbnail by catalog ID and Dimensions, Get the metadata file for an image by catalog ID, Get the location of a thumbnail image and its metadata file by catalog ID and more. GBDX is a living digital library that documents our planet with tools to extract meaningful insights at scale from that library. The ecosystem matches the creators of those insights with customers who can turn them into effective solutions. It is geospatial big data made accessible using a cloud-based platform that puts location intelligence at your fingertips. DigitalGlobe combines resolution, accuracy, global coverage and experience to provide high-resolution Earth satellite imagery, data and analysis.